Our forests are greener than ever before, and are a source of pride and innovation. They account for nearly 50% of our territory and deserve 100% of our support.

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We are a group of more than 50 organizations from a variety of horizons, with roots throughout the territory of Québec.

We are privileged observers of the vitality of our forests and the range of possibilities they offer.

We understand that forest management is anchored in the principles of sustainable development, so that future generations can enjoy the environmental, economic and social benefits of the forests.

We acknowledge that our forests are shared respectfully by their various users.

We are delighted by the agreement among scientists that our forests and the products we are able to develop from them have a positive impact on the world’s carbon balance.

We are committed to ensuring that our forests play an even greater role in serving the population of Québec.

We have come together for the benefit of Québec’s forests.

We believe in our forests.

We are the Collectif pour une forêt durable.

Discover the many faces of the Collectif pour une forêt durable

The forest is a vast, endlessly renewable garden.
Normand Simard
Forest Engineer and Supply Manager
Developing the forest sector involves harmonizing human and environmental concerns.
Alhassane A. Diallo
Environment and Forestry Coordinator
Québec’s forest is more than just wood – it’s a source of pride.
Yvon Soucy
Warden, Kamouraska RCM
The forest has always been part of my life and I want to do something to make sure it remains there for many years to come.
Élie Duchesne
Student Surveyor
I’m proud to pass on my passion to my students, by helping them to discover a sector rich in challenges and opportunities.
Vanessa Auger
Forestry Technician and Teacher
Technological progress continues to improve the conditions of the workers who play such a key role in forestry practice.
Pierre Godin
Pedestal Machine Mechanic
We must look after our forest because it represents our future!
Karine Lévesque
Finishing Room Operator, in charge of roll packing
It’s our responsibility to make sure ecosystem sustainability is a priority in every aspect of our work.
Nadia Vaillancourt
Biologist, Professional Picker and Naturalist-Animator
If we want to enrich our region, we must take care of its resources and respect the different ways in which they are used.
Jean-Maurice Matte
Mayor of Senneterre
Why should we believe in it ?
Did you know that ...

The forest covers nearly 50% of Québec’s territory.

80% of the forest regenerates naturally.

Less than 1% of the forest is harvested each year.

How much do you know?

Are you a born lumberjack or an armchair forester? Take our mini-quiz to test your knowledge of Québec’s forests!